A Little About Me and This Site

I’m a leader, learner, technologist, collaborator, and interminable reader.

I believe in creating environments where people feel safe taking creative approaches, having conflict based around ideas, and reaching outside of their comfort zones knowing that their team will support them. Innovation happens when teams and individuals feel free to take risks and explore the adjacent possible. I excel at helping people be the best they can be in their current role and mentoring them for whatever their future may hold.

I’ve been involved in companies and projects in all phases, from startup companies doing prototypes to creating and maintaining large-scale web applications.

This site doesn’t support comments intentionally. I want the ability to change my mind and update the posts as my beliefs and philosophies change and it wouldn’t be fair to others to have comments attached that may no longer reflect the post. If you’d like to discuss anything with me (related to a post or otherwise) please feel free to email me.

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